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Is your cozy and cheap hostel in Kiev

The Mini Hostel Kiev is a German and Ukrainian owned and operated hostel located on the same street like the football stadium in Kiev.

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Chernobyl Tour

More than twenty years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Mini Hostel Kiev offers an ecological and cheap Chernobyl tour to the power plant, the the ‘dead town’ of Pripyat, and to the ‘red forest’.

Today you don’t have to choose between price and quality. Mini Hostels lets you decide how you want to enjoy your stay. You can choose between private rooms or shared dorms. Our private rooms and dorms are all great value.

Enjoy & Remember Great Times with us

Mini Hostels offers small and cozy hostels for backpackers all over Europe. All Mini Hostels are located in the centre of each city with perfect access to public transport, the tourist sights, supermarkets, bars and clubs.


AK47 Shooting

If you ever wanted to shoot a real gun, then don’t miss your chance! With the legendary AK-47 (Kalashnikov)** you can feel like a real soldier.



Our huge two bed private room is the right room for couples and friends.

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We have warm water 24/7 in our hotel rooms.

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“I stayed two times in Mini Hostel and i will stay there when I go again to Kiev… They have three rooms. Two rooms are private rooms, and the other one is for dorm. I really recommend you staying there”


“We stayed there for 3 nights and I really enjoyed it. Even with -20 degrees was really warm inside and everything was clean. Staff is really helpful and fun! Taking care of you like you were some old friends coming to visit :)”



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